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Dr Irena Eris ART OF LIFTING 850 Supreme Eye Lifting Day/Night 15 ml

1,040.00 € / 100 ml 156.00 €

An innovative preparation, thanks to the double power of action - a breakthrough technology inspired by aesthetic medicine and precise form of application, ensures multilevel filling of wrinkles and immediate lifting effect of the delicate skin around the eyes.

The unique PCL-Lift-Up complex, besides intensive rejuvenating action, strongly stimulates the skin to natural regeneration and consolidation. Polycaprolactone, a filler with scientifically and clinically proven long-term anti-aging effect, clearly restores the lost volume and at the same time stimulates the skin to intense collagen production, which leads to reduction of the so-called "drooping eyelid" effect. It smoothes the skin whereas the lines and wrinkles around the eyes are less visible. At the same time, the complex activates maturation of adipocytes (fat cells), which stimulates the process of natural synthesis of subcutaneous fat tissue, causing lipofilling of wrinkles. Skin parameters are further improved by Snowy Algae, which stimulates key cellular youth processes, effectively rebuilding tissue protective systems and exciting fibroblasts to synthesize support fibers of the skin.

The lifting effect of the cream is intensified by hyaluronic acid, which forms a hydro-active coating on the skin, smoothing wrinkles by secondary re-hydration of its upper layers. A stimulating massage made with the use of a special applicator with a cooling ceramic massage tip increases cellular microcirculation, which promotes reduction of shadows under the eyes and provides an immediate "rested eye" effect.

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