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Dr Irena Eris ART OF LIFTING 849 Luminous Serum Day 30 ml

756.67 € / 100 ml 227.00 €

A highly concentrated serum with innovative technology inspired by achievements in modern aesthetic medicine, which - through multidirectional anti-aging activity - provides comprehensive skin regeneration. Thanks to the original PCL-Lift-Up complex with a breakthrough system of multidimensional filling of wrinkles, it guarantees immediate smoothing, illumination and visible rejuvenation of the skin directly after the first application. The key component of the complex - polycaprolactone, a recognized filler widely used in aesthetic medicine - effectively restores lost volume, yielding the effect of face volumetry.

At the same time, as a strong biostimulator of collagen synthesis, it leads to radical correction of visible symptoms of aging. In addition, the complex, stimulates maturation of adipocytes (fat cells), activating the process of natural synthesis of subcutaneous fat tissue, giving the so-called wrinkle lipofilling effect. High performance of the serum is strengthened by Snowy Algae, a cryophile, living in low arctic temperature, which in the context of adaptation to extreme living conditions creates unique survival molecules. It optimizes cellular metabolism, leading to activation of two key longevity processes: stimulation of the KLOTHO gene and the AMPK energy regulator.

It induces the so-called FOXO youth protein, which leads to improvement of skin defense systems and detoxification processes as well as to stimulation of fibroblasts to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, responsible for reduction of wrinkles and for young skin appearance.

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