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Dr Irena Eris ART OF LIFTING 847 Ultimate Renewal Cream SPF 30 50 ml

464.00 € / 100 ml 232.00 €

The key component of the complex - polycaprolactone, a filler widely used in aesthetic medicine, effectively restores the lost volume, giving the effect of face volumetry. At the same time, as a strong tissue biostimulator, it provides prolonged rejuvenating effect by initiating multi-level renewal processes that affect the restoration of skin structures.

As a result, the rebuilding of the collagen network leads to a radical correction of visible signs of aging directly after the first application. At the same time, the complex stimulates maturation of adipocytes (fat cells), exciting the process of natural synthesis of subcutaneous fat tissue, yielding the so-called wrinkle lipofilling effect. Thanks to this, by reducing the depth and number of wrinkles, it corrects the face oval. Its action is complemented by nutritious proteins from sweet almonds, which also deeply moisturize the skin.

The improvement of skin parameters is strengthened by the innovative peptide obtained from valuable Moringa seeds, protecting the skin from oxidative stress and showing strong anti-pollution effect. In addition, it effectively stimulates the skin to auto-regenerate, resulting in reconstruction of the lipid protective barrier. The strong protective effect of the preparation is intensified by the SPF 30 filter, which also prevents the formation of sun spots.

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