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Dr Irena Eris ART OF LIFTING 848 High Restore Therapy Night 50 ml

442.00 € / 100 ml 221.00 €

The extraordinary effectiveness of the preparation is guaranteed by the original PCL-Lift-Up complex, which - apart from intensive rejuvenating action - yields the effect of strong skin stimulation, exciting it to natural regeneration during sleep. Polycaprolactone, a filler with scientifically and clinically proven long-term anti-aging effect, visibly restores lost volume, contour and firmness of the face.

At the same time, as a strong tissue biostimulator, acting on the outer layers of the epidermis, it effectively fills lines and wrinkles directly after the first application. Reaching into deeper layers of the skin, it efficiently stimulates collagen synthesis, regenerates and nourishes skin cells, significantly increasing its density and elasticity. In addition, the complex stimulates maturation of adipocytes (fat cells), activating the process of natural synthesis of subcutaneous fat tissue, yielding the so-called wrinkle lipofilling effect. After each application the skin becomes more and more illuminated, regaining a young look.

This action is strengthened by the innovative peptide obtained from valuable Moringa seeds, which creates a protective shield against the influence of adverse external factors, stimulates the skin to auto-regeneration, leading to reconstruction of the lipid barrier in the epidermis. The nourishing and moisturizing effect of the preparation is intensified by Vitellaria oil, effectively protecting the skin against water loss.

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