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GLOBAL DERMO-LIFTING 3-Degree Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

GLOBAL DERMO-LIFTING 3-Degree Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

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GLOBAL DERMO-LIFTING is a unique care formula in the form of a set of three technologically advanced serums with innovative system of facial wrinkle reduction and face lifting. It ensures a powerful rejuvenating effect by improving the skin's cross-linking and the lipofilling effect of wrinkles. The unique composition of concentrated formulations with high concentration of active ingredients intensively stimulates the functions of the skin for autoregeneration. The components of the treatment have been selected for effective interaction, so every subsequent degree of care complements and intensifies the effects of the previous one. The 1st degree of treatment is 'skin injection' with the effect of wrinkle filling and remodeling of the face. The 2nd and 3rd degreesof treatment strengthen its effect by deep hydration, smoothing, visible reduction of wrinkles and strong regeneration of the skin.

The treatment includes:

1° DEEP SKIN FILLER, day/night
Wrinkle Filler - facial contour modeling serum 545

It is based on a unique multi-level system of filling of wrinkles, lifting and immediate remodeling of the face oval. The SKINFILL-UP complex stimulates the process of natural synthesis of subcutaneous adipose tissue, giving the effect of so-called wrinkle lipofilling. This restores face volume, reducing the depth and number of wrinkles, and correcting the oval.

Intensive moisturizing and firming serum 823

The innovative CANABIS SATIVA OIL&HA complex, based on the technology of multi-level and active moisturizing, ensures optimum water level in the skin and, consequently, radiant complexion. Hydrating of the surface layers of the skin results in immediate smoothing of the epidermis and visible reduction of existing wrinkles. At the same time the skin regains comfort and freshness.

3° GENOMIX Duo serum, night
Algae gene activator 539

The Intelli-GEN complex, capable of regulating the action of more than 20 genes responsible for multi-level cell regeneration and as a result young skin appearance. The concentrate from stems of UndariaPinatifida algae reactivates dormant genes encoding the synthesis, maturation and cross-linking of elastin fibers, collagen and hyaluronic acid, thus radically improves skin texture. It leads to increased firmness and elasticity of the skin.

• Reduced depth, volume and number of depressions and wrinkles by 42%**
• Increased skin firmness by 32%** and skin elasticity by 44%**
• Increased skin smoothness by 24%**
• Improved skin cross-linking by 21 **
• Smoothed skin and optimum hydration - 87% of respondents*
• Reduced visibility of wrinkles and improved skin elasticity - 67% of respondents*

* surveyresearch in the In Vivo ResearchLaboratory of Dr Irena Eris Science and Research Center after 2 weeks of use
** measurements of skin parameters in the Application ResearchLaboratory and Image Analysis Laboratory of Dr Irena Eris Science and Research Center after 2 weeks of use

If the cosmetologist does not recommend otherwise, we suggest dividing the treatment into 2 STAGES and applying it for a total of 10-14 days. The preparations should be applied to cleansed skin of the face, neck and cleavage, under the usual day or night care cream.
STAGE I: Every morning and evening for 5 to 7 days apply preparation 1° DEEP SKIN FILLER.
STAGE II: Then for another 5-7 days apply every morning preparation 2° HYDRO•OLEO ACTIVE and every evening preparation 3° GENOMIX.
The action of the preparations is strengthened by STIMULATING LIFTING MASSAGER which stimulates penetration of active ingredients into the skin, providing optimum care.
1. Apply the preparation on the skin of the face, neck and cleavage.
2. Set the massager at a 90° angle to exert a light pressure against the skin.
3. Move the massager with circular movements over the skin of the neck, cheeks, forehead, as well as the area around the eyes and mouth, gradually increasing the pressure to relax the skin and smooth the wrinkles.
4. Repeat the above steps 3 times.
3 x 10 ml
irrespective of age
care area:
type of skin:
all type
moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, firming, smoothening, enhanced skin elasticity
type of product:
day, night


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