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Dr Irena Eris Eyes Zone Ultimate UP-LIFT Eye Treatment 9 ml

57.00 €
57.00 €


Ultimate UP-LIFT Eye Treatment

Ultimate UP-LIFT Eye Treatment is an advanced skin care product which owes its outstanding effectiveness to a synergy between state-of-the-art technology and a modern targeted application solution. A unique massaging applicator UP-LIFT TOUCH delivers effective, targeted massage of the delicate skin around the eyes and in other parts of the face which are particularly prone to wrinkles. A special combination of innovative, active ingredients forms an invisible 3D mesh on the surface of skin to deliver an instant and lasting lifting effect, and improve skin tightness and firmness. It effectively reduces wrinkles in terms of number (by up to 80%*) and volume (by 24%*).

A potent Cucurbita pepo fraction protects and regenerates elastin and collagen fibres, preventing their irreversible degradation, and restoring elasticity and proper tightness to the skin. Combined with massage performed with the applicator, the concentrate enriched with a protein and peptide complex reduces dark under-eye circles, minimizes puffiness, and leaves the skin looking refreshed (82%*) already after the first application. A rich blend of rehydrating agents instantly moisturizes the skin (86%*) and improves long-term hydration (93%*).


*Tests carried out at the In Vivo Research Laboratory of Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research.

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