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Dr Irena Eris DNA MICROREPAIR 677 Active Rejuvenating Body Serum 200 ml

59.50 € / 100 ml 119.00 €

 DNA MICROREPAIR active body rejuvenating serum is formulated with an advanced peptide technology and state-of-the-art regenerating ingredients which successfully counteract the effects of ageing on the skin of the entire body. An innovative blend of active ingredients stimulates inter-cellular communication and tissue repair processes. It promotes the synthesis of proteins forming the intercellular matrix, and most notably collagen, thereby actively smoothing out the skin, restoring its elasticity and firmness.
A special enzyme encapsulated in innovative submicron carriers capable of targeting cellular nuclei ensures an effective repair of the cutaneous DNA. A protein with regenerating properties reduces levels of molecules typically involved in the inflammatory response to UV irradiation, and inhibits the synthesis of enzymes which damage skin support fibres, ensuring lasting firmness and elasticity of the skin. The complex peptide synthesised with the use of biotechnology counteracts the effect of enzymes which break down the structure of the extra-cellular matrix in order to protect and regenerate collagen and elastin fibres. Black pearl extract stimulates epidermal metabolism and cell replacement in the outermost skin layers, making the skin radiant, firmer and more elastic. Applied to the skin, hyaluronic acid molecules prevent water loss through the epidermis, thereby enhancing skin firmness and smoothness, and considerably improving skin moisture levels. Mango and olive waxes ensure proper skin nourishment and hydration, while cocoa wax acts as an effective conditioner and emollient. Vitamin A regulates regeneration processes in the epidermis, and stimulates cell differentiation. It also enhances the colour of the skin.

skin smoother by up to 33%*
volume, depth and number of wrinkles reduced by up to 29%*
skin hydration improved by up to 38% in objective (instrument) tests*, and by 100% in the opinion of study subjects
skin colour improved by up to 17%*
enhanced skin firmness and elasticity
skin nourishment

*Skin parameters were measured in the In Vivo Laboratory of Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research after 4 weeks of product use.

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