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Dr Irena Eris ULTRA C REGENIQ 860 Regenerating & Rejuvenating Cream Under The Eyes And Around The Mouth SPF 20 15 ml

920.00 € / 100 ml 138.00 €

The advanced rejuvenating formula of the cream, based on Triple C-Booster complex, contains extremely concentrated dose of stable vitamin C with strong revitalizing action which immediately restores smoothness and illumination of the skin around the eyes. The key component of the complex, rich in nutrients Kakadu plum extract, is a valuable source of antioxidants, inhibiting skin aging processes. The rejuvenation effect is enhanced by a unique biotechnological peptide, which strengthens collagen fibers and the elastin matrix, while inhibiting the action of enzymes that break down extracellular matrix structures. It reduces the effects of harmful UV radiation and leads to reduction of shadows and swelling under the eyes. The patented, rejuvenating complex, stimulating the activity of proteasomes, initiates the natural process of protein recycling in cells, delaying cellular skin aging. The Rosa Canina oil with high EFA content provides optimal hydration of the skin, while rebuilding its physiological protective properties and stimulating regeneration of hydro-lipid barriers. Enclosed in stable liposomes, the organic edelweiss extract intensively supports natural regeneration of the skin and slows down the effects of aging.

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