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Dr Irena Eris MULTIFUNCTIONAL CARE BB Formula SPF 50 Complex Peptide Cream Natural 30 ml

290.00 € / 100 ml 87.00 €

ACTION: BB Formula SPF 50 complex peptide cream combines the features of a skin care cream and a fluid of a very delicate consistency. With a single gesture it provides optimal care to the skin of the face, beautifies and protects it. Carefully selected composition of pigments evens out the skin tone, covers imperfections and fine wrinkles, giving the face young, radiant looks.
A flexible, spatial silicone mesh which makes the cream spread easily and adjust perfectly to the skin surface provides comfort and softness to the skin. An innovative, deeply penetrating low molecular weight peptide with a unique sequence of amino acids stimulates collagen synthesis in fibroblasts and thus actively reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity and firmness. Unique moisturizing substances produce an immediate effect of hydration of the surface layers of the skin. Deeper layers are hydrated by enhancing the protective function of the skin, which reduces the process of cellular water loss.
A special system of modern UVA/UVB filters (SPF 50+) provides optimum photoprotection of sensitive skin, prone to discoloration and irritated after cosmetic and dermatological treatments (it stops at least 98% of UVB rays).

covers skin imperfections
improves and evens out the skin colour
optimum skin hydration
significantly enhanced skin elasticity and firmness
reduction of the depth and visibility of wrinkles
high level of protection from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays and free radicals

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